Ladac Announces New Website

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The FRIENDSHIP has always been a golden rule in LADAC from birth, for over 65 years, and over time our beautiful activity has cemented friendships among our members.

So it is no coincidence that in the Friendship Day (in Argentine), LADAC present to all members and friends of other entities around the world, its new website, with which our association is taking a giant step in seeking greater approach and speed in daily contact with chess in general.

Going to the technical details, this new platform allows us to make a collaborative, where members can post comments, write and submit articles for publication to publicize their games with board included, and of course, when they read all contents that will be published, we will inform when they find errors, so we can go there overturned correcting information.

The maintenance of this site require cooperation of everyone, so that financial aid will be well received, because the dome has been emptied after the financial efforts for its construction.

There will be places for placement of banners, which later informed cost, and will be of great help in the search for self-financing of the page.

The expansive reach of this page will be very large, and our expectations are encrypted on it to manage all LADAC tournaments from the website.

For a future that is not too far forward, we must try to reach a minimum of 600 members who pay annual dues to achieve the desired goal of being able to design an Argentine webserver. For some it is a chimera. For us, a dream entirely possible and accessible.

Finally, our deepest and sincere thanks to one of our brand partners and International Master Women, Marianella Zuccotti Bozzano, maker of this page, the recipient of all the "whims" of our President to achieve the final result and multiple benefactor, since no only devoted many hours to this task, but also their professional work was rewarded with only a fraction of what should have charged for this monumental work.

Ladies and gentlemen, we hope that the new website will please you all.

We welcome your comments, you can send them below.

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